How Can I Track My Husbands Cell Phone without Him Knowing and for Free

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Have you been toying with the idea of tracking your husband’s activities on the phone? Do you suspect he’s having affairs, or do you only want to know his movements?

At some point, many women have poked around or tried to on their husband’s mobile phones (you are not alone).

You might have had your doubts and can tell your husband is unfaithful, but you don’t have evidence. Confronting your spouse without substantial evidence can ruin your relationship.

Well, there’s a way to track his phone without him knowing. Read on to find out how to track your husband’s phone secretly and for free.

Can I Track My Spouse’s Cell Phone Location For Free?

Thanks to technological advancements, you can track your husband’s location without him knowing. There are a lot of apps that you can use to trail his cell phone at an affordable fee.

However, be wary of the apps that purport to track a phone for free because they are scams. Most of them are paid. The only free service they offer is a demo or sign up. Besides wasting your time, “free” tracking websites will infect your husband’s phone with malware or require you to fill out a survey.

Legitimate phone trackers require a subscription fee but offer a free demo or sign up. Some charge as little as $30.

Using a reputable husband tracker is the easiest way to track your husband’s location incognito. If you think it’s time to confirm your fears or satisfy your curiosity, then we have useful information you need to know.

How Can I Check My Husband’s Cell Phone Location Without Him Finding Out

location on screen to check husband's cell phone location

Tracking software can follow the location of your husband’s cell phone. With mSpy, you can do it without your husband finding out that you’re stalking him. You can also spy on your husband without his phone through a web browser.

Although tracking apps were initially created for parents to ensure their children’s safety, the apps can help you do many things. If you’ve been looking for evidence that he’s fooling around, then a husband tracker is what you need.

However, you might need to ask yourself if you’re ready to handle the information you get from tracking your husband. The software can reveal more than your partner’s SIM card location. You can have access to your husband’s text messages.

Moreover, are you ready for conflicts or trust issues if he finds out? What if you damage your relationship?

How To Track Your Spouse’s Cell Phone Without Him Knowing

mSpy can help you track your spouse’s cell location secretly. The following steps will get you started on monitoring him using mSpy.

Step 1: go to mSpy’s website and create a free account.

This step is fast and straightforward if you have a valid email address. You will receive login details and guidelines to that email address.

mspy create account

Step 2: Select if you’d like to monitor an Android or iOS device.

mspy select target device

Step 3: choose a subscription plan

mspy choose plan

mSpy has a basic and premium subscription plan. While both are affordable, the premium subscription offers more features to track your partner. Upon successful payment, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Install mSpy on your husband’s phone

A successful installation requires that you ensure your husband’s phone has a full battery charge and the internet connection is on. You are also required to disable Play Protect on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Step 5: Start tracking

With mSpy on the phone and installation complete, you can follow the app’s simple prompts to hide it. Hiding the icon puts the phone in stealth mode. Afterward, click on Begin to start monitoring.

How To Track My Husband on an Android Phone

The mSpy husband tracker works perfectly on your husband’s Android phone. You only need to follow some steps, and you’ll be able to track him.

To spy on an Android device, you need to install spy software on the target device; otherwise, you can’t spy on it. However, you can hide the app icon to prevent your husband from finding out.

With the software downloaded on your husband’s cell phone, you can now click on start to track where he is.

How To Track My Husband on iPhone Without Him Knowing

You can track your husband’s iPhone using mSpy. The first step is to find out if the phone he uses is rooted or jailbroken.

iOs devices have restrictions that the manufacturer imposed to prevent the installation of unauthorized apps. To root or jailbreak means to modify your husband’s iPhone to do away with the limitation.

If you have physical access to his phone, make sure to install the application. First, you need to create an account on mSpy and subscribe to basic or premium service before installation.

Afterward, you need to open the Cydia app on the iPhone then write the URL (sent to your email after the subscription). The software will download and install on the iPhone.

At this step, you’ll need to restart the device. On the mSpy app, you’ll see instructions on how to hide the app and also start the tracking process.

If you can’t physically access his iPhone, you can track your husband’s phone without touching on any web browser.

However, you require his iCloud ID and password to do phone monitoring. Once you verify the iCloud credentials, you’ve gained access to his iPhone on mSpy. Now, turn on the location on the dashboard. The app will start to spy on your husband’s phone without him knowing.

mSpy – The Perfect Husband Tracker

mSpy is an excellent tracking app for monitoring your spouse. Most women prefer to keep an eye on their partner using mSpy because the app operates in stealth mode. Thus, your husband will not realize that it has been installed on his phone.

The app will also send you frequent notifications of the most visited locations, regular call contacts, messages, and browser history. Below are more features that make of mSpy a darling of many women.

GPS Tracking App

mspy gps

With mSpy, you can know the location of your spouse through the GPS tracking feature. Once logged in to the app, you can check his current location in real-time on a map.

The app can also inform you of your husband’s route for whatever time duration you’d like. On your mSpy dashboard, you can narrow down to specific details like GPS coordinates, time, location, and address, giving you accurate information concerning your husband’s phone activity.

mspy gps tracking

The app’s downside is that it only works on phones that don’t require root or jailbreak. If your husband’s iPhone needs to be broken into, it might be hard to track his location on the phone incognito.


If your husband is cheating, he probably has a place he frequents. mSpy gives you a list of locations and the frequency of visits.

Once you identify the area he often visits, you can draw a circle on a Google map to set boundaries. You’ll then get a heads up every time your husband’s phone crosses the border.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media and other messaging apps can give you signs that your husband is unfaithful. mSpy allows you to track your husband’s activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, Hangouts, and telegram.

Thanks to the remote feature, you can take a screenshot of your husband’s cell phone whenever he chats with his mistress on social media.

How To Choose A Husband Tracker

So many spy software exist, but not all are reliable. How do you choose the best tracker among many software?

What is Spyware?

Spyware is software that tracks your husband’s phone location and monitors activities like calls, internet activities. It can also follow the husband’s text messages without touching his phone.

Phone tracking is, however, a criminal offense if you don’t have the consent of the person you’re tracking unless it’s your child who is a minor. Check the regulations in your state or country before you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


Reading reviews is an excellent source of information for choosing a spy app. It’s best to get independent reviews from the internet and social media where users of a spy app are likely to give unbiased opinions.

Data Security

Tracking your husband doesn’t mean you don’t care about him; in fact, the opposite is true. Hence, it’s best to choose a spy app that is compliant with data protection laws, to ensure you don’t compromise your husband’s data security.

An app like mSpy does not share your husband’s essential details like passwords and iCloud credentials with criminals. mSpy uses the latest technology to ensure data security. Insecure apps can put your spouse at risk of kidnapping, loss of money, and valuable information.

Hidden App

mspy detection

For an Android phone, you need to download the app on your partner’s phone. Hence, you need to make sure the app icon can be hidden to conceal it.

Since most apps are small in size, it won’t affect his phone operations, causing suspicion. An excellent tracking app also operates in the background, ensuring the power consumption is minimal.

Root or Jailbreak

root or jailbreak

Apple phones are not easy to spy. Newer models are not easy to root or jailbreak, making it hard to track your husband’s iPhone.

When looking for spyware, choose one that can break through an iOS target phone. mSpy’s non-jailbroken software can help you with Apple devices.

Android and iOS devices

It’s helpful to consider if the spyware works on both Android and Apple devices in case he changes his phone. Most software is unable to break through some phones.

With mSpy, It does not matter if your husband uses an iPhone or iPad that is not jailbroken. You can track your husband’s phone without touching it.


Tracking the cell location of your husband couldn’t be easier. With a location tracker, you can now locate his device and movements. You can install the software or remotely track your husband’s phone without being discovered.

Catching a cheating husband, though, takes more than tracking his location. Hence, it’s best to choose tracking apps that offer more evidence like photos, videos, and text messages to conclude that he’s cheating on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have his password. Can I spy on my husband without touching his phone?

Minus his iCloud password, it is impossible to track his cell phone without touching it. The only alternative is to have physical access to the phone.

Can I see my husband’s deleted messages?

Yes, you can read your husband’s text messages without taking his phone. All you need is his iCloud password.
Using a phone tracker, you can log into his iCloud and restore a backup. Deleted chats will restore too. You can then read the messages on your husband’s phone without touching it.

Apart from tracking my husband’s phone location, what more can I do?

In addition to phone tracking, it can monitor your husband’s text messages, calls, activity on the internet, social apps, photos, and videos.
It also gives you remote control enabling you to restrict calls on the target phone, and block contacts you suspect he’s flirting with. You can also create a location boundary so you can spy on your husband’s movement.

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