Editorial Guidelines

Introduction to Our Website

What do we do?

We’re a website that deals in cell tracking and monitoring the applications of employees. To read on further details about our website, you can find here.

We pride ourselves as a website with a lot of experience in this field, alongside privacy, internet security, internet surveillance, and online remote monitoring.

Our company’s goal is to share important pieces of content that can help employers, corporations, and business owners keep an eye on their employees.

This goal might sound a little bit dystopian, so allow us to elaborate.

What is our purpose?

Monitoring your employees is the first and most crucial step in internet security.

Since every single business operates on the internet these days, it’s vital to secure all your data as much as humanly possible.

Avoiding this problem is done by tracking and monitoring the applications and actions of your employees.

Data leaks have caused a lot of modern businesses to fail, and avoiding that is as simple as taking a few precautionary steps.

Websites like AshleyMadison have lost most of their user-base due to a leak of sensitive data.

If you work with any clients, and your business is home to some personal information, leaking that sensitive data can be disastrous.

On this website, we post in-depth, insider, and honest reviews on various cell trackers that we’ve tried and tested ourselves.

You’re also going to find how-to articles, step by step guides, and other related content on our website.

If you’re looking for monitoring aside from your workforce or office, we have experience in both parental control software and spying applications.

This monitoring capability will allow you to see whatever you want to see, with complete, honest, and real clarity.

Who are we?

Our team consists of a medium-sized business owner who has an employee monitoring need and a seasoned IT sector professional.

Our duo and our associates are here to solve all your monitoring problems.

Our Promise to Our Readers

Our relationship with our readers

We treat all our readers like they were our clients.

We recommend our readers to read our articles in full, to get the complete, untainted, and unbiased truth. It’s our company policy to continually update our materials and correct any errors, no matter the size.

Every single company which deals with readers is expected to provide them with the utmost quality content and treat them with the respect that they deserve.

Our readers don’t work for us; we work for them. A civil approach to a courteous connection between our readers and us is company policy.

We’re here for any single e-mail, letter, or complaint that our readers may have. It’s our solemn duty to provide the best content possible, without exception.

The content we provide

All the information we gather, review, and write is for the sole benefit of our readers. Our employees are not allowed to make inquiries for any other purpose than serving our readers.

They can’t use their position for personal gain or disclosing any information that is not yet available to our readers.

Plagiarism and false information are both unacceptable and will be sanctioned promptly.

We’re in the business of providing helpful information to your readers, not misinformation, half-truths, and blatant lies.

Obligations for the Website

General poster obligations

Guest posters, content producers, and everyone on our website is obligated to follow a set of rules to participate in our mission.

We’re an honest website, and we strive to provide only the highest quality of content to our respected readers.

All of our members must not disclose any sensitive information about our policies, plans, and actions. As stated above, plagiarism is shunned upon and will be removed and sanctioned promptly.

The writers and editors are not allowed to represent this website or use any of its content for personal gain.

Our employees are entirely free to discuss their affiliation activities in public, as long as it does not tarnish the reputation of our website.

Correction and legal policy

All of the restrictions that we place on our readers aren’t to prevent them from expressing themselves. If need be, an employee is expected to make any needed correction to an existing article.

Another thing we expect from our posters is polite, honest, and timely responding to any viewer inquiry.

If a viewer inquiry threatens legal investigations of any kind, the employee is expected to report it to the higher-ups of our website.

By following our privacy policy agreement we stick to all of the information mentioned there.

General Writing and Editing Rules

We won’t go in-depth when it comes to the ethics of writing content. When you’re posing on our website, you’re required to remember and implement the following rules.

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Honest
  • Strict No Plagiarism Policy
  • Always Be Informative
  • Link Your Sources
  • Mind the Copyright
  • Be Concise, Professional, and Courteous
  • Write Easy to Digest Content

Advertising, Marketing, Promotions

Our reviews

All of our reviews are unbiased pieces of information based on our research. All the products and services featured on our website have been tried and tested by our team.

You’re never going to find a shady product or service on our website, as we’re only in the business of promoting functional, sound, and useful products.

All apps, services, and products featured in our reviews are given an in-depth analysis based upon our personal experience with them.

How we handle Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions

Advertising is possible on our website, but we’re first going to need to determine if the product or service is advertiser worthy.

We have a strict no-shady-business policy, which means that we’re never going to feature a faulty product or service on our website.

When you’re advertising on our platform, you will have to do thorough research on the product you’re advertising, and test it for yourself.

Only after it’s quality has been determined and established are you permitted to promote it on our platform.

The rules of Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions

If you’re considering advertising, marketing, or promoting a product on our website, mind the rules provided below:

  • Test the Product Yourself
  • Do Thorough Research
  • Read Customer Experiences
  • Write an Honest, Unpaid, and Unbiased Review
  • Check It Thoroughly for Any Possible Faults
  • Never Be a Sleazy Salesman
  • Always Prioritize Informing Above Promoting