How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number

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track iphone by phone number

Wondering how to track an iPhone by phone number if it has been stolen or if you need to locate someone else’s device?

In this article, we will explain different options that you can use to track the phone you own and the device you would like to get access to secretly – which belongs to your child, another family member, or a person that works for your company.

Keep reading to learn about ways to find Apple’s phone location. Some of them, such as spy apps, are suitable for Android phones too. In this article, we will cover all important tips to track someone by phone number.

To know how to track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing, you need to try these tools”

  1. Find My iPhone
  2. iCloud
  3. Google’s timeline
  4. mSpy phone number tracker
  5. Spokeo
  6. Find My Friends
  7. iMapp
  8. IMEI tracker

Use iCloud to Track an iPhone Without Installing an App

The easiest method to track an iPhone without any application is to access your iCloud dashboard and locate the ”Find My iPhone” app.

You can do it using your Mac computer, iPad, or iPod in a few steps:

  1. Sign in to your iCloud account. You will need to enter your password and Apple ID.
  2. When you see your dashboard on the screen, click on the “Find My iPhone” icon.
  3. Choose the “My Devices” menu to open it. Select the one you want to find.
  4. You will be able to view the exact current iPhone location on the interactive map.

Additional features:

  • Find My iPhone has an option to take advantage of the Play Sound feature to set the alarm for 2 minutes at full volume so that someone can notice your iPhone and keep it for you.
  • On Find My iPhone, you can enable the Lost Mode to lock your device and make it start showing a flash custom message on the screen.
  • Do you believe that somebody stole your iPhone? You can use the Find My iPhone Erase Data feature to delete all information that is stored on your smart device to protect your privacy.

How to Track Someone’s Location on the iPhone for Free – Locate an iPhone with iCloud

If you are wondering how to track someone’s location on iPhone for free, here’s a set of steps that’ll do the trick:

  1. First, you need to visit on your computer.
  2. After logging in to your iCloud account, you need to select the Find iPhone option from the main menu.
  3. Here you need to enter your Apple ID and Password when prompted.
  4. Then from the top menu, you need to select “All Devices.”
  5. From the list, click the device you need to track.
  6. Now, you can track your iPhone on the map, remotely ring it or send your phone number; and also wipe it clean to safeguard your data.

HINT: You can also take the help of any iPhone spy app to track an iPhone.

How to Track Mobile iPhone

You can also track an iPhone using Google’s detailed log of the user’s location history on the map?

To track someone, both Apple and Google Maps store users’ iPhone location history in case of emergencies.

If you have turned on this function on your iPhone and as long it is connected to the internet, Google Maps phone tracker for iPhone would update your iPhone location.

You will be able to find out the latest updated information online if you visit and choose this service. You can follow the map to your mobile device.

  1. Use your browser to go to Google Maps Timeline.
  2. Choose the present date on the panel at the top of the page or click on “Today.”
  3. Scroll down the list of location history and choose the latest update at the bottom of the list.
  4. If you discover your iPhone’s locations have been the same for the previous updates, find that place and get your smartphone.
  5. Is your iPhone changing its locations? It is likely to have been stolen, and you’d better report to the police and protect your data to prevent other people from accessing it. Ask your friends to help you follow your iPhone.

There is a variety of methods to secure your data:

  • Change your Apple ID password immediately
  • Change passwords to accounts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms and all your email accounts
  • Tell the police your iPhone’s serial number. In this way, you will protect yourself if somebody uses your smartphone for illegal purposes
  • Contact the Carrier to inform them that your iPhone is lost or stolen and ask to terminate your account.

Best Way to Locate an iPhone – mSpy iPhone Tracker

Are you worried about where your children are? Maybe you are wondering how to track a lost phone and can’t remember your Apple ID?

If you are wondering how to locate your iPhone, then using mSpy is your best option.

mSpy is a useful invisible app that knows how vital it is to meet security needs. You can use it to track someone easily and find the location of your iPhone.

Why is it useful?

  • This multi-aspect iPhone tracker may serve as an anti-theft.
  • It allows you to find a precise GPS location and geofencing benefits that can relieve you from stress by delivering data instantly on your phone’s location in case it got lost or stolen.
  • iPhone tracking the history of the geographical movements will help you find it in a matter of hours.
  • The app also helps you spy on any iPhone in ALL ways you consider proper.

Select your desired subscription package, go to the mSpy control panel, and follow a simple set-up procedure. No tech knowledge required!

Download  Read Review

In case of any query, you can always call the mSpy Customer Support Team for around the clock help.

mSpy makes the task of locating an iPhone without jailbreaking your iOS easy and straightforward, so you don’t have to lose your sleep.

How to Find iPhone Location Only By Phone Number

Spokeo is a digital public record directory through which an iPhone device can be tracked easily just by having the phone number alone. Here is how it works:

  • Enter the phone number to be traced to the ‘Spokeo’ search bar to begin location iPhone tracking.
  • You will find the results from the database of public directories.
  • Then enter your information to receive the result in your inbox

Why Spokeo?

  • With only the phone number, the target’s iPhone device can be tracked and their location history.
  • You can find whether a phone number is a spam number or from a legit person.
  • You can identify the spam numbers which you can block eventually to be free from illegal calls.
  • The ‘Reverse phone number search’ feature offered by ‘Spokeo’ will help in location tracking of the iPhone, find the iPhone’s address history, and much such valuable information.

Free iPhone Tracker Method – Track an iPhone with iMapp

iMapp can be downloaded from the App store and it will help in iPhone tracking the desired device. Some of the prominent features of the iMapp app to track the location of an iPhone includes:

  • iPhone tracker feature tracks real-time location by tracking the phone without the target knowing.
  • With iMapp, the iPhone’s location and address history can be traced by phone number without the target user knowing.
  • With the iMapp app, you can know the current geolocation, the location history of a target device.
  • The iMapp app will allow you to track an iPhone and send the coordinates of the selected real-time location.
  • You can publish your very own places on the map. You can also get the notification on your browser or the phone when your friends either arrive or leave from the areas that were created by you.

NOTE: Although you don’t need to bypass iOS passcode to install the app, compared to other iPhone tracking apps that one could find, the ‘iMapp’ application is detectable. This app should be turned on the target phone.

How to Track a Family Member’s iPhone? Track Mobile iPhone with Find My Friends

Find My Friends is built-in the latest versions of iOS if you prefer to take advantage of a free cell phone tracker.

This application wasn’t designed for track iPhone location spying purposes but as an excellent way of connecting family members and friends. You won’t need to download this software.

A person needs access to track iPhone location for a few minutes to enable this app by changing settings and share their location to your iPhone without them knowing.

Accept the invitation that they send to you on your device without sharing your site with them.

How to Track an iPhone That You Don’t Own Secretly and Not to Be Detected?

You can use one of the professional monitoring apps like mSpy that is reliable and has a lot of advanced monitoring features that make it a perfect app for parental control and employee monitoring to track someone.

Is It Possible to Track an iPhone With Just the Number?

In most cases, monitoring a missing smartphone is possible if you have installed one of the mighty iPhone tracking apps, like mSpy.

Another option is the use of the IMEI number or IMEI tracker. But lots of people keep asking how to track an iPhone by phone number. Here is an answer to their questions.

The problem to track someone who is a thief is that if somebody stole your phone, they likely to change your sim card for another one. Your sim card number will no longer be available. Your chances to find your smartphone location using your sim card number are low. Don’t believe those people who tell you they know how to track an iPhone by phone number because they can tell you the last place where your device was, but not the location of your sim card. That’s all.

How Do You Secretly Track an iPhone?

If you want to monitor a mobile device that doesn’t belong to you, the only way to do it secretly is by using some reliable GPS phone monitoring application.

Was this article useful? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments. Did you find the location of your iPhone?

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